A sound business is a sound investment
financial restructuring


If your organisation has a sound underlying business and a solid management team, but is in a distressed state due to an identifiable cause of failure or an unsuitable capital structure, what does this mean for its future?

If you are currently struggling as a result of the impact of the pandemic and there are prospects of a swift return to profitability once restrictions are lifted, an inappropriate balance sheet may hold you back.

Complete funding

At Zed Capital, our primary focus is to work with management teams in sound businesses and provide 100% funding for financial restructuring and pre-packs. Whilst the last year has delivered extremely testing commercial conditions for many business owners, we have been looking at a number of possible investments and made offers on several. In recent months, we led a complex restructuring of a large engineering group, implementing a creative solution to enable this innovative business to look to the future with confidence.

A short-term stake

We are well-positioned to work with businesses in any sector and if we work with you, you can be sure that we will not take a long-term stake in your organisation. Instead, we will work closely with your management team and other stakeholders to offer transitional funding that leaves your business with a fresh balance sheet. In fact, we will aim to restore the business to full financial credibility and value within two, or at the most, three years.

A unique offering

With an agile team encompassing a range of different experience and expertise, we are resourceful, well-funded, and uniquely placed to provide full pre-pack support on deals of up to £25m. Our partnership with a substantial US private equity fund means we have significant funds available that can be deployed in a mix of debt and equity.

The kick-start your business needs

We are uniquely positioned to help your business find its feet again as post-Covid trade begins to revive. To find out how we can help you, contact our CEO, Peter Dunn.