Crisis Management

To help deal with the present crisis in business, Zed Capital has set up a new service that provides practical advice and hands-on help with:-

  • cash flow management
  • identifying payment holidays
  • renegotiating existing loan terms
  • business strategy
  • crisis response and communication
  • dealing with commercial property landlords

The partners in Zed Capital come from a variety of relevant backgrounds including corporate law, strategy, recovery, M&A, and property. We have many years of experience helping management teams take the necessary action to shore up balance sheets, optimise the most appropriate capital structures and preserve the value of their businesses.

At a difficult time for all stakeholders, management teams need to consider all the issues and all the alternatives quickly and objectively within their financial constraints.
Until clients sign an engagement letter, there are no fees.

To start an informal discussion on how we can help then please contact us