Reviving insolvent but viable businesses after Covid
Reviving insolvent but viable businesses after Covid


Despite UK government support, there are many viable businesses across the country who will come out of the Covid-19 pandemic facing insolvency due to a funding structure that no longer meets its requirements. If this is your business, how can you get the funding you need in order to turn it around?

At Zed Capital, we are keen to work with such businesses, even if they are insolvent. Why? Because we recognise that in many cases it may simply be a matter of the wrong financial structure that is holding them back. The business may be sustainable, offering the same products or services, with the same management team, but a financial backlog due to the pandemic or another major event will mean there is no chance of profitability.

Fast and effective funding

The quicker you receive the funding you need the better, so we understand the importance of acting fast. We are not only experts in identifying the key areas of your business that need immediate support, but we also work with a funder who specialises in supporting distressed, but fundamentally workable businesses.

We will assess your business quickly and give you immediate input that has real value, so you will benefit straight away. This means that even if we decide we cannot do a deal, the management team still gets something out of our involvement. However, if we do decide to work with you, we can put funding together quickly and make things happen without delay.

Working with you

We recognise that most effective management teams know how to run their businesses in normal conditions. However, a distressed business is a different proposition. You need to work with an expert who has practical experience of turning businesses around and who brings a different outlook and alternative skills to the situation.

The combination of your management team’s knowledge and understanding of the core business and our expertise in turning businesses around will be vital. As outsiders, we will not be tied to how you have operated in the past, so we can make snap decisions to benefit the business in the future. We are also able to have those difficult conversations with your clients, suppliers or employees and think creatively to push the rules as far as possible to revive the business.

Talk to us

We operate at speed, understand how to make a distressed business work and are used to collaborating with effective management teams to turn their businesses around. Rarer still, we can access the funding these businesses need to make them viable and profitable again.

To find out how we can help you, please contact Andy Raynor or Peter Dunn.