Financial Restructuring

Zed Capital has been established to provide 100% funding to facilitate financial restructuring and pre-pack administrations. There are many high quality successful businesses caught in distressed corporate shells, or within groups where sister companies are loss-making and cross-collateralisation makes separation extremely difficult. Our preference is to work with management teams and other stakeholders by offering transitional funding to deleverage balance sheets and reduce debt dependence. Our funding is relatively short horizon, and we aim to have exited within two and a maximum of three years by which time we expect our targets to have been returned to full financial credibility and value.

We are not positioned as a turnaround facility and will only work with capable and reliable management teams. We are sector agnostic.

Zed Capital is in a partnership with a substantial US private equity fund and has an initial allocation of £100m. Target deal size is £5-£15m in a mixture of debt and equity, although smaller opportunities will get full consideration.